Iwaro & Kajjin - Touch the Clouds - Electrophonic Mix

{releasedate,label} 09/12/2015

With "Touch the clouds" 2 popular Dance artists from Spain are back with a great song! IWARO (aka Miguel Valbuena) and KAJJIN (DJ Kajjin) have joined forces and produced a catchy track together with the talented newcomer singer LUCÍA FERRERO. Miguel Valbuena has made a name as a remixer in the Italo/Eurodance scene (e.g. for "DJ PELLS feat TINA - Fantasia de amor"). As IWARO he started producing Progressive House and Big Room, but nowadays he focuses on mainstream Latin music, EDM and Pop-Dance. The Remix Edition release includes Mixes by Electrophonic (TBM DJ), DJ Maraach and Aessi & Iwaro..

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